Some tarot tips for beginners.

Some tarot tips for beginners.

Before I start writing about tarot cards and their meanings (and there are many, but there are many), let me briefly write down some tarot tips for beginners willing to deal with tarot cards.

I started my tarot adventure a long time ago and unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to take advice from more experienced people. I bought the first deck in the dark, I have it to this day, but I don’t use it … unfortunately for divination purposes. Then I started to read everything I could about tarot (I didn’t know at the time which information was valuable and which was not). Of course, I made the first of the adepts ‘ mistakes.

First I flooded my mind with various descriptions of the meanings of the cards, then I went through them myself. It’s a lot harder this way. It’s hard to forget everything you read about it.

So I started (once upon a time). It’s a lot harder this way. Curiosity, however, was stronger. At first I littered my head with books, descriptions and everything I managed to get (the Internet wasn’t there at the time). Then I had an uphill battle to try to work out the meaning of the cards and all the other information I needed. It wasn’t easy, and that was also the reason for putting the cards away for a while. Despite appearances, people who have followed a path similar to mine are very few.

So here’s a handful of my advice:

So here's a handful of my advice:
  • Watch many different decks (preferably whole decks, there are pages where you can see whole decks) before you decide on the particular one that “speaks to you”.
  • Choose a deck (no rush) that has the best small Arcana presented using different images, not just the attributes of the card. I recommend cards such as Waite, Morgan-Greer, (by comparison, Haindel’s Tarot is saturated with symbolism and different, so it can be quite difficult to interpret for beginners). A few of the tallies are shown here: before Talia speaks.
    Not to be afraid of cards, but also not to idealize them. Respect, on the other hand, is indispensable.
  • Then ” make friends “with them, familiarize themselves with their appearance, touch them – while” recharge ” them with their energy, translate and possibly note their thoughts.
  • Only then do I recommend reaching into literature. It’s like that in the Telegraph.

You can pick your own waist guard at the very beginning. The old school says that cards should be stored with pictures up (I’m not sure if I didn’t read this with Mr. Jóźwiak), with a guard just on top (so that nothing wrong, no bad energy gets there, then the deck is protected). Of course, all at will, nothing at all. Clearing cards

  • Purification-you do not always have to arrange them sequentially at the end of the day (one of the forms of purification). To avoid stacking them if you don’t want to, you can shuffle them over the flame of a candle to cleanse the energy of the person you were putting the cards on.

It’s a good idea to leave the candle burning for a while after divination. I leave the candles (usually at least two) burning for about an hour.

I always carry a protective runic script with me. Handmade, that is, drawn and framed.

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