Is it worth believing in divination?

It is not only in andrzejki that we willingly listen to prophecies and horoscopes. But let’s not take them too seriously. Let’s stay sane. Thirteen is unlucky, the scales are aesthetes, and the Horseshoe brings good luck… Belief in divination and superstition is as old as the world. Horoscopes were arranged on a massive scale in antiquity, and leaders Alexander of Macedon and Napoleon Bonaparte even took astrologers on military expeditions. Today, surprisingly, in the age of computerization and scientific discovery, the art of predicting the future is no less popular.

We want to know the future

Research shows that fortune tellers around the world have their hands full. As many as 80 million Americans are admitted to regularly reading horoscopes! Interestingly, the services of various kinds of diviners are often used by people who are bright and educated – businessmen, actors, politicians. Even the first ladies of the United States, Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush, employed astrologers to plan their famous husbands ‘ activities.
Poles, as it turns out, are no different in this respect from the inhabitants of the rest of the world. Newspaper horoscopes regularly reach as high as 52 per cent. of us. And one in five people admit that fortune telling and dreams influence their decisions. No wonder, then, that newspapers and websites are so far deviating from various horoscopes, materials devoted to numerology or various love divinations.

They know how to make us feel.
Most of us are most curious about what fate will bring about when it comes to love, health and finance. Can the answer be found in horoscopes? Psychologists decided to check it out. In their research, they repeatedly tried to find a relationship between belonging to a given zodiac sign and personality traits as measured by psychological questionnaires. What turned out? Not a single psychological trait depended on being, for example, a fish, a Ram or a cancer. So where does our deep belief in the veracity of horoscopic prophecies come from?

What are the types of divination?

People have been divining forever, in every era there have been people who have gone into history as those who have been able to foretell the future. Knowing these secrets could become a key to success or a curse. Today, we can divide divination by reason of their practice. A list of divination types can be found in this article.


It was a divination art used already in ancient times, and especially popular in Persia. It does not require much preparation. Just pour water into a vase, make a wish, then try to put the vessel on your head. Everything should take place outdoors. If bubbles appear, it’s a sure sign that our wish will come true soon.


A heated axe and semi-precious stone, such as agate, were used for this divination. It was enough to lay the Agate on a horizontally arranged axe. If the Stone held, it meant that we were about to face some calamity. If he fell three times in succession, it was a foreshadowing of luck. Today, similar divination is no longer used. It is considered unconvincing.


This divination has its origins in ancient Greece, it was associated with the cult of Apollo. You’ll need parchment and flour for it. Instead of parchment, which today is not so easy to get, you can also use fine paper or paper. On little cards, write divination. Then rub each of them in flour mixed with water until the balls are formed. Then mix the balls nine times. Only after this ceremony do divination be distributed among the gathered. What each will draw will be written to him in the near future.


This divination was used to verify the guilt of the accused. All you had to do was give him a blade of barley to eat. If he fell ill shortly after the incident, it meant he was guilty of the charge.


This divination was extremely popular in ancient Egypt, as well as in the so-called barbarian countries. It consisted of divination from human organs that had previously been sacrificed to a given deity. The victim could only have been a virgin or a child. Otherwise, the divination carried no message.


This divination consisted of reading signs from the flight of the arrow. Each direction had a specific meaning that related to a question or issue.


Popular divination to this day. All you have to do is close your eyes, think about a question, and then point out a word on a random page. What comes out will be both the answer to that question that was raised before the divination. Very often the Bible is used for this divination.